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All in One Medical, a trading name of DCCL, was founded in 2003 with the aim of bringing to market innovative, high quality, and highly effective disposable and biocidal products. This mission was achieved with the patenting of our unique product, and successful installation and trials in a number of leading hospital trusts in the UK.

DCCL gained recognition for this accomplishment by winning the UK’s most prestigious corporate accolade, a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation 2009 for our patented disposable curtain. Our range of products are designed to deploy our advanced antimicrobial defences at as many touch-points as possible in large and small hospitals, GP surgeries, medical centres, clinics and at home. We work with our healthcare partners to provide a safe haven for patients and staff, saving money by providing the best in class product at the best price.

All in One Medical believes that the primary way to reduce the risk of infection is to focus on protecting the patient at every touch point, at every stage of the journey from their home, throughout diagnosis, treatment, admission and after discharge. A protected patient can be a full participant in their own healthcare and recovery.

Our range of products is designed to deploy our advanced antimicrobial defences at as many touch-points as possible at home, in hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical centres and clinics. Our aim is to surround patients, staff and visitors with additional protection through the use of our soft furnishings, wall coverings and cleaning products.

We aim to make a real difference, by helping our customers reduce the rate of infection, and by potentially saving lives.

Do contact us, so that together we can help your organisation make the case for adopting All in One Medical as a trusted supplier of effective and cost reducing Infection Control products.

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